What are the main purposes of an SDS?

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We all have jobs, some people drive trucks, others are teachers and some of us work in industries such as chemical factories.

Some jobs are m ore riskier than others. Maybe due to the environment, maybe because of the materials you work with, maybe because you work as a construction worker. To make sure those risks are properly managed, SDS (safety data sheets) have been brought in to life. Some differ per country some are evenly regulated, others fall under European SDS rules and legislations. Before a company can just go ahead and put their personal to work, they need to configure the SDS Europe legislations.

The main thing an SDS does is preventing risks. Better safe than sorry. But that’s far from all! Here is a list of the purposes of a safety data sheet:


For the product and supplier. Imagine you buy something from China that contains fluids. The Chines legislations differ from the European ones. So, before the supplier can just send a shipment full of unknown chemicals, they have to make sure the shipment meets all the European SDS requirements.



This goes for reactions, health and even for physical hazards such as fire. This almost entirely speaks for itself. Of course, it is important to handle fire sensitive chemicals and products in the correct manner. There are recent known examples of why this is so important. For example: the explosion in Beiroet in 2020. The explosion was caused by illegally stored chemicals in the harbor of Beiroet near the city center causing a fatal explosion for 220 people and another 6500 suffered from injuries. The risks can be of enormous proportion if not properly legislated.



An SDS is not only there to prevent risks, but it’s also a response plan for a variety of situations.



These are the steps you can take to work safely, reduce and prevent exposure.

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