Different kind of psychic readings

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When thinking of a psychic reader most people will automatically think of a mysterious woman looking into a colourful round globe trying to get you excited about your future. Although we’re talking about a real life scenario here, psychic reading actually involves a whole lot more than an old woman using a crystal ball.

There are different kind of psychic gifts also meaning that there are different types of readings to choose from. And that’s where it gets kinda tricky. This is exactly why it’s so important to have different experienced physics to choose from. Depending on your needs, personality and past, a certain type of psychic reader may turn out more suitable than the other.

What is a psychic reader?

Because in the end what we’re all trying to do when getting in touch with a psychic reader is getting thorough answers to our burning life questions. We’re looking for a deeper understanding and that’s where psychic readers come in handy. All psychic readers have their own approach to give you the information and answers you’re looking for. That’s why different psychic readers are designed to provide you with different insights. Before going ahead with a certain type of psychic reader we would therefore advise you to take a look into the different kind of psychic readings. You can do so by contacting online channels like psychic hotlines, but it might be a good idea to first check out the information below.

Types of psychic readings

By doing so you’ll be able to narrow down the options and decide for yourself what fits your needs best. Below you can find some examples of well-known psychic readings:


  • Animal Telepathy: psychics with animal telepathy abilities have the capability to create spiritual connections with animals. By making these connections this group of psychics are able to get in touch with an animal’s feelings and thoughts.
  • Astrology Reading: whenwe point out astrology we’re talking about more than just the column your read on the Internet. Astrology reading also takes into account the place and time of your birth as well as the alignment of the planets at your birthday in order to get an idea about the potentials and energies you were born with.
  • Aura Reading: allows the psychic advisor to look into the aura (or atmosphere) around people, animals and even objects. By applying aura reading psychics look at the colour, clarity, and shape of disturbances affecting your daily life.
  • Psychic Medium: usesspeaking with those on the other side such as ghosts or angels. The idea behind this is to bring the non-physical dimensions to the physical world. Psychic mediums are meant for those trying to connect with loved ones who passed away and with angels and spirit guides to get more guidance in life.
  • Telepathy: this is the ability to communicate by using nothing else but the mind. There are two forms of telepathy: telepathic communication and telepathic perception. The first allows the psychic to transmit information form their mind to someone else’s mind, while the latter is used to get information out of the one receiving the reading. This approach allows psychics to get a hold of facts that would have been impossible via traditional senses, due to physical barriers, time and/or distance.

Matching your personal needs

Are you not sure about what type of psychic readings would match your personal situation? Try out a psychic chat, an email reading, or make a call. Begin your journey today!
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