Is your warehouse growing? These tips will help you manage!

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Your web shop is going like a rocket, your website is attracting more and more visitors and you are getting more and more engagement on social media. Your core business is successful and you are starting to notice this in your warehouse. You have more products in stock because more customers are ordering your products. In addition, customers demand fast shipping; they would prefer to have the package delivered yesterday. Because of the fast throughput, it can sometimes be quite a challenge to get everything right. Speed, safety and efficiency are important cornerstones in running a successful warehouse. A number of factors are guaranteed to help you achieve this. 

Your product arrangement
In order for everything to run smoothly, it is very important that your products are arranged correctly. After all, you want the items that sell the most to be the easiest for the order pickers to pick up. This way, these orders can literally leave your shop like hot cakes. The best guidelines for a perfect layout of your warehouse are as follows: 

  • Use the ABC method to organise your warehouse. This means that the products you sell the most (and which are therefore responsible for the most revenue) are placed in the middle of the shelves. That way they are easy to grab and can be shipped out quickly. B products should be at the bottom; not difficult to get hold of, but not the easiest either. The C-products are the products you sell the least, they can be at the top of the shelves because you need to reach them the least. 

  • Always consider the weight of the products so that your employees can work as safely as possible. For this reason, heavy items should always be placed at hip height. 

  • Make sure you can easily keep the items apart so that no unnecessary mistakes are made when packing the orders. Do not place items next to each other or very close to each other if they are very similar. 

Use all the space you got
If you are really struggling with a lack of space, it might be an idea to call in the specialists from They can help you find a personalised solution. They are specialised in the design, production and installation of mezzanine floors. These are intermediate constructions that create a separate, extra floor. In this way, you can double your square metres without having to move.
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