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When entering into a legal partnership, you may encounter both difficulties and benefits. On the one hand, partnerships can help you grow your business by bringing in additional experts, capital and risk management services. On the other hand, some partnerships can be perceived as restrictive or even threatening by business owners who prefer to retain personal control of their business. As always, finding a balance between the two is crucial to successful partnerships. Read on to learn more about IA Group, our newest legal partner.

About the organization

IA Group is a top law firm serving businesses worldwide. IA Group, a group of experienced corporate lawyers, started in 1995 and now operates in more than 60 countries. IA Group’s corporate lawyers assist multinationals, governments, investors and entrepreneurs with corporate law. IA Group employs more than 450 professionals who provide a wide range of legal services. From corporate structuring and mergers to governance and compliance to regulatory and litigation assistance, IA Group can assist you with a wide variety of legal issues.

The benefits of legal partnerships are numerous. A law firm can build a more comprehensive, sophisticated and diversified expertise with the help of a legal partnership. For example, law firms specializing in niche industries or practice areas can benefit significantly. In addition to bringing in more money, a legal partnership is also a good method of bringing in more capital. When a law firm partners with another firm, clients can obtain capital they would not otherwise have. In addition to gaining greater reach, legal partnerships can also help law firms reduce risk. Joint ventures can be particularly risky for law firms.

Become a partner

IA Group offers a wide range of legal services to a large number of clients. Before partnering with IA Group, determine which type of agreement is most beneficial to your firm. The following types of agreements are available: joint ventures, retainer agreements, service agreements, equity investments and service agreements. In a joint venture, both companies share in the profits and losses of the business. Retainer agreements are used when a law firm is hired to perform a specific assignment. The client is often billed for time and expenses. A retainer relationship is similar, but is often longer and more extensive. In this type of relationship, law firms may also co-own each other’s property. This is a more complex relationship between law firms. In this type of partnership, the parties keep their cooperation confidential. Visit IA Group’s website for more information and advice.
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