Choosing new employees

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It is one thing to list job responsibilities in a list or even in an interview, but sometimes employees are still not ready to handle their roles when they arrive at the office. In the first month, we must clearly state our expectations and make sure they understand their tasks. Many times, when managers are eager to fill vacancies, they forget that this person has not received training and they don’t know what they want. Where to enter. Therefore, we encourage managers to spend appropriate time to ensure that employees have an understanding of the work, Erica said.

Joanne Williams, a human resources coordinator at an investment bank in Los Angeles, said that if employees arrive, their workspace is unavailable or lacks equipment, which can lead to uncomfortable situations. It is unfair to ask someone to go to work on the first day, ready to go, and not to support your deal, and set a bad precedent. Ensure that employees are ready to start using everything they need when they arrive, such as computers and access to internal tools. If a new employee arrives at your office building without permission, they will not encounter any obstacles even within the first five minutes. Joanne recommends preparing for the logistics of new employees in advance, such as setting up parking spaces to simplify the transition process. It would be embarrassing if the employee still has no place to park or get everything he or she needs after working in our company for a week.


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