Is your warehouse growing? These tips will help you manage!

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Your web shop is going like a rocket, your website is attracting more and more visitors and you are getting more and more engagement on social media. Your core business is successful and you are starting to notice this in your warehouse. You have more products in stock because more customers are ordering your products. In addition, customers demand fast shipping; they would prefer to have the package delivered yesterday. Because of the fast throughput, it can sometimes be quite a challenge to get everything right. Speed, safety and efficiency are important cornerstones in running a successful warehouse. A number of factors are guaranteed to help you achieve this. 

Your product arrangement
In order for everything to run smoothly, it is very important that your products are arranged correctly. After all, you want the items that sell the most to be the easiest for the order pickers to pick up. This way, these orders can literally leave your shop like hot cakes. The best guidelines for a perfect layout of your warehouse are as follows: 

  • Use the ABC method to organise your warehouse. This means that the products you sell the most (and which are therefore responsible for the most revenue) are placed in the middle of the shelves. That way they are easy to grab and can be shipped out quickly. B products should be at the bottom; not difficult to get hold of, but not the easiest either. The C-products are the products you sell the least, they can be at the top of the shelves because you need to reach them the least. 

  • Always consider the weight of the products so that your employees can work as safely as possible. For this reason, heavy items should always be placed at hip height. 

  • Make sure you can easily keep the items apart so that no unnecessary mistakes are made when packing the orders. Do not place items next to each other or very close to each other if they are very similar. 

Use all the space you got
If you are really struggling with a lack of space, it might be an idea to call in the specialists from They can help you find a personalised solution. They are specialised in the design, production and installation of mezzanine floors. These are intermediate constructions that create a separate, extra floor. In this way, you can double your square metres without having to move.
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Getting new employees

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Welcoming new employees is much more than just issuing company announcements and boss tasks. Welcoming new employees and providing them with the best possibility of successfully integrating into the company requires a series of steps that start after your job opportunity is accepted. The integration and retention of new employees begins during the recruitment process and is strengthened when new employees start a new job. How you welcome new employees is closely related to you. These suggestions will help you get it right. These welcome steps for onboarding the new employee continue to his or her work. If you do well these onboarding and welcome steps, you will create a successful new employee. Here is how to do it. New employee welcome steps If you follow these recommended steps, your new employee is ready to succeed. You are also most likely to gain the loyalty of your employees and thus retain them.


Contact the new employee shortly after signing and returning to your job offer. The purpose of the note or phone call is to express your excitement about the new employee joining your team. This call is best called by the hiring manager (the employee to whom the new employee will report). Expect new employees to receive regular letters from you within two to four weeks before going to work. Send out benefits information and employee handbooks as early as possible so that new employees can view them in their free time and ask questions when they arrive on the first day. You may have other files related to your business to share. If these are online, please provide employees with links and early access. These actions can help you build trust with new employees.


If your organization or company has an online wiki or blog or other intranet, please provide early access to new employees. This is especially important if you have an online employee directory containing employee photos. Your new employee will feel that he or she has known a colleague early on. Lack of online photo albums, consider options and setting up an or more employee bulletin with board in each department with employee image and other business solution and employee information. Or, do both. Send a formal company welcome letter to the Human Resources Department. This new employee’s welcome letter should include confirmation of the entry date, entry time, work dress requirements, where to go, the first day’s schedule, and other details that the new employee needs to know. Assign a mentor to the new employee, a more experienced employee, and no reporting relationship with the new employee. The mentor should call the new employee before the start date to get to know him or her.


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Choosing new employees

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It is one thing to list job responsibilities in a list or even in an interview, but sometimes employees are still not ready to handle their roles when they arrive at the office. In the first month, we must clearly state our expectations and make sure they understand their tasks. Many times, when managers are eager to fill vacancies, they forget that this person has not received training and they don’t know what they want. Where to enter. Therefore, we encourage managers to spend appropriate time to ensure that employees have an understanding of the work, Erica said.

Joanne Williams, a human resources coordinator at an investment bank in Los Angeles, said that if employees arrive, their workspace is unavailable or lacks equipment, which can lead to uncomfortable situations. It is unfair to ask someone to go to work on the first day, ready to go, and not to support your deal, and set a bad precedent. Ensure that employees are ready to start using everything they need when they arrive, such as computers and access to internal tools. If a new employee arrives at your office building without permission, they will not encounter any obstacles even within the first five minutes. Joanne recommends preparing for the logistics of new employees in advance, such as setting up parking spaces to simplify the transition process. It would be embarrassing if the employee still has no place to park or get everything he or she needs after working in our company for a week.


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Lees hier alles over tweedehands gereedschappen

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Het kopen van gebruikte hulpmiddelen kan veel geld besparen, maar er zijn enkele belangrijke dingen om te weten voordat u erin springt. BELANGRIJK: Als u ooit iemand ziet die een dure set nieuwe gereedschappen verkopen en iets verkeerd lijkt, is er een sterke kans dat de gereedschappen zijn gestolen. Het is dus altijd het beste om dit soort deals te voorkomen, tenzij u zeker weet dat ze niet van een openbare plaats komen. U moet er ook voor zorgen dat u aandacht besteedt aan tekenen van schade of misbruik van de apparatuur. U kunt voorkomen dat dieven uw gereedschappen stelen door te leren hoe u ze van tevoren kunt zien. Enkele van de meest voorkomende items waar u op moet letten tijdens het zoeken zijn gebruikte elektrische gereedschappen. Houdt rekening met ontbrekende of gebroken onderdelen, versleten scharnieren, beschadigde schroefkoppen of koorden. Hier zijn nog meer tips voor het kopen van gebruikte gereedschappen die u in gedachten moet houden bij het inkopen.


  1. Nagels

Is het nagelhoofd aanzienlijk versleten? Dit kan een teken zijn dat het gereedschap werd gebruikt. Hoe het zachter het hoofd, hoe gemakkelijker de verbinding tussen de bewegende delen krijgt. Versleten scharnieren kunnen betekenen dat het scharnier los is en niet langer veilig is en een ander teken dat het gereedschap mogelijk krachtig uit de behuizing is verwijderd. Gebruik een zaklantaarn om de bewegende delen en hun toestand te inspecteren.


  1. Tang

Veel handgereedschap gebruiken tang met vergrendelingsmechanismen. Deze tang kan worden gesloten met de tanden die al op zijn plaats of open zijn. Als het slot beschadigd of kapot is geworden, moet u het onmiddellijk vervangen. Dit is vooral belangrijk met impactlang, wat erg gevaarlijk kan zijn als de kaken loskomen tijdens het gebruik ervan.


  1. Elektrisch gereedschap

Veel hulpmiddelen gebruiken een netsnoer om te werken, dus zorg ervoor dat uw tool nog steeds goed werkt, zelfs als de snoer een fout heeft ontwikkeld. Controleer of de batterijen moeten worden vervangen of opgeladen. Controleer ook de schroefconnectoren op de instrumentenlichaam: zijn ze gecorrodeerd of beschadigd? U wilt geen letsel riskeren vanwege een elektrisch gereedschap dat niet kan werken omdat het vastzit in een apparaat. Als uw gereedschap niet werkt, neemt u het naar uw lokale gereedschapswinkel of een lokale garage-verkoop om het door een specialist te laten kijken. Laat de bewegende delen door een professional inspecteren als u vermoedt dat ze mogelijk zijn geknoeid of onjuist gerepareerd. En zorg er altijd voor dat het gereedschap in goede staat is voordat u de winkel ermee verlaat. 


Gereedschap Expert

Als u na het lezen van dit artikel tweedehands gereedschap toch niet vertrouwt,  heeft u altijd nog de mogelijkheid om gereedschap bij een online winkel te kopen. Op de site van Gereedschap Expert kunt u veel informatie vinden over verschillende soorten gereedschap. Daarnaast verkopen zij ook een breed assortiment aan gereedschappen.
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Is your destiny destined?

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Your destiny

People are often insecure about matters related to fate in your horoscope. At different moments in your life, one of the wonders of what fate is, whether his life is under someone’s control, or whether it is someone’s fate that controls his life. Although nearly 65% ​​of our lives are determined by our destiny, about 35% of our lives fall under our jurisdiction. But by making the right choices in our lives, we can change the 65% of our lives that are determined by our destiny!

Our Karma also plays a very important role in this regard. When we do good for others, good comes to mind. But if we do badly with others, we must reap the results of our actions. There is no way around the Law of Karma, which is infallible.

But with the help of astrology and spirituality, we can even remove the effect of negative Karmas from our previous birth and live the way it is meant to do, while doing good to others and reaping the benefits of our actions.

Is it possible for a person to actually change his destination?

You can often wonder if it is possible that he will bring about a change in his destination. The destination cannot be changed in itself, but through the choices we make in our lives, we can minimize the effect of the planets, so that the effect of the planets is reduced and the amount of damage that we encounter.

In terms of Vedic Astrology, let’s consider a very simple example

If, with the help of Vedic astrology, we come to the realization that on a certain day we are more vulnerable to having a traffic accident, fate as such is unchangeable. But by taking precautions, such as driving very safely, avoiding the highway and ensuring that we are in good health before we actually start driving, we can ensure that we do not get a traffic accident.

It is therefore the choices that we make that play a major role in determining whether we encounter damage. If someone makes sure that their car is in good driving condition, by taking the time to have it serviced regularly, then they would ensure that the chance of an accident is minimal at a certain moment.

Fate can then come to us in the form of a minor injury at home that we could heal more easily.

The same applies to longer phases in our lives, in which we know that a certain time phase in our lives is in no way lucrative. We may not be able to eliminate the negativity in the entity, but through the help of spirituality and ensuring that we go for the necessary astrological remedies, we can minimize the damage that we have to go through a phase in time.

It is these laws that determine our lives, and we must ensure that we make the best of our lives!

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