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Welcoming new employees is much more than just issuing company announcements and boss tasks. Welcoming new employees and providing them with the best possibility of successfully integrating into the company requires a series of steps that start after your job opportunity is accepted. The integration and retention of new employees begins during the recruitment process and is strengthened when new employees start a new job. How you welcome new employees is closely related to you. These suggestions will help you get it right. These welcome steps for onboarding the new employee continue to his or her work. If you do well these onboarding and welcome steps, you will create a successful new employee. Here is how to do it. New employee welcome steps If you follow these recommended steps, your new employee is ready to succeed. You are also most likely to gain the loyalty of your employees and thus retain them.


Contact the new employee shortly after signing and returning to your job offer. The purpose of the note or phone call is to express your excitement about the new employee joining your team. This call is best called by the hiring manager (the employee to whom the new employee will report). Expect new employees to receive regular letters from you within two to four weeks before going to work. Send out benefits information and employee handbooks as early as possible so that new employees can view them in their free time and ask questions when they arrive on the first day. You may have other files related to your business to share. If these are online, please provide employees with links and early access. These actions can help you build trust with new employees.


If your organization or company has an online wiki or blog or other intranet, please provide early access to new employees. This is especially important if you have an online employee directory containing employee photos. Your new employee will feel that he or she has known a colleague early on. Lack of online photo albums, consider options and setting up an or more employee bulletin with board in each department with employee image and other business solution and employee information. Or, do both. Send a formal company welcome letter to the Human Resources Department. This new employee’s welcome letter should include confirmation of the entry date, entry time, work dress requirements, where to go, the first day’s schedule, and other details that the new employee needs to know. Assign a mentor to the new employee, a more experienced employee, and no reporting relationship with the new employee. The mentor should call the new employee before the start date to get to know him or her.


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