Are you and your loved one compatible?

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Love is different for everyone. Some people fall in love at first sight while others need more time to start liking someone. One person is head over heels in love and can’t think of anything else while the other is perhaps more rational. Love is unpredictable but will be experienced as pleasant by almost everyone. But how do you find out if you and your loved one are compatible?


Why is compatibility important in a relationship?

Some people choose their partner based on looks or financial or material motives. In that case, compatibility could be missing in a relationship, although it is very important for a good relationship. Therefore, it is best to find out soon enough if you two are compatible. In fact, low compatibility is one of the main reasons why people break up. But it is not so easy to find out if your lover is the love of your life. So how do you find out?


How do you know if the two of you are compatible?

Even if you fancy someone a lot, compatibility is not something you can force. The two of you are compatible or not. Here are some signs which will tell you if the two of you are compatible:

You allow each other to be your own person

This means that you don’t want to change each other. This allows the both of you to be yourself and feel comfortable with that. Thus, it is important not to have important things you want to change about the person you’re dating.

You help each other when necessary

If you two are compatible, you will help each other in the good times and the bad. When the other person experiences insecurities, you will want to help them get over them. You appreciate the other person for who they are and help them when necessary.

You feel safe with each other

Safety is very important in a relationship. When you do not feel safe in a relationship you will not be able to be yourself or do what you stand for. By feeling safe in a relationship you will always be able to be vulnerable or share things that are going on. This will only make your relationship stronger.


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