Social Distanced Christmas Party Ideas

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The annual office party is excitement for all, as it’s a chance to mix with your peers and to have a good time. Planned in and out of the office, there’s a lot to be said for a work Christmas do.

As you know, this year hasn’t gone as planned, but with Christmas around the corner, there could be light at the end of the tunnel. Heading out for food and drink this year isn’t possible due to COVID-19 but there are alternate ways to boost morale.

This year it’s not just about the theme but making sure any chosen event is safe and planned with social distancing in mind.

If you’re not sure about how to choose the right option for the teams, why not write all the ideas down and randomly pull them out of a hat. This way it’s picked at random and ensures it’s a fair choice for all.

Virtual Party

When you can’t be together, but you want to socialise – an online Zoom party is the answer. As with many meetings and gatherings throughout lockdown, going virtual has been the only way and has proven very successful.

Get your drinks ready, bring some trivia games and you’ll be set with a full evening of fun.

Online Escape Rooms

An escape room is the perfect past time to do with friends and colleagues, just be careful not to argue. Similar to the real-life rooms, you’ll be tasked with puzzles and games into order to progress throughout the room.

Being split into teams will help with brain power, but also with team building and strengthening work relationships.

Secret Santa

Even with COVID taking over 2020, it’s not enough to stop the joy of giving and receiving gifts. Secret Santa has a £5-£10 limit, just enough to pick a thoughtful gift and make a colleague happy.

If you’re doing this remotely, each person can order the presents directly to the recipient’s house. By doing so, you’re removing the handling of another person, which is important with Coronavirus.

Drive in Cinema’s

The drive-in cinema is a new way to go to the cinema and enjoy your favourite film. It’s outdoors, in your own car, where you can enjoy your own space. So, not only is it ideal for social distancing but it’s a way to get the team together to experience something new.

Get the snacks and take on a new office Christmas tradition.
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