Reasons That Can Trigger Piles Problem

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It was last year, somewhere in the mid of May that suddenly I started experiencing pain while passing stool. It was so sudden that I ignored the matter thinking that it will go. It was not even a week that I started spotting blood after every bowel movement which made me really worried. However, instead of wasting any more time, I fixed an appointment with my regular physician. After examining me and learning about my experiences, he immediately referred me to one of the piles doctors in Mumbai as the signs and symptoms were of a serious nature. The area became red and swollen and the pain got severe.

The specialist that I was referred to conducted a number of medical tests and exams. On getting the reports, he confirmed that the problem I was suffering from is known as internal haemorrhoids. Till now I have heard about this medical problem but had no clue about what happens, what should be done and so on. The doctor explained that internal haemorrhoids basically lie inside the rectum and cannot be seen or felt. Though they usually do not cause any major discomfort but while passing stool, the strain that it creates causes the surface of the haemorrhoid to bleed.

During my periodic appointments with the doctor what I learnt is that piles can occur due to a large number of reasons. Let me share them with you so that you can prevent this problem altogether.

If you strain while passing stools
One of the most common reasons behind piles is straining over bowel movement. The blood is pushed into the arteries and rectal veins when you strain and that results in swollen veins. This, in turn, creates a kind of pressure on the anal walls leading to weak anal muscles. As these muscles start getting weaker, they begin to protrude out of the walls.

Constipation is a major cause
If you suffer from constipation which is a persistent one, then the chances of developing piles are high. The nerves begin to swell when you find it difficult to pass the stool. This may result in ruptured haemorrhoids that may start bleeding as the condition deteriorates with time. You will be experiencing a lot of pain in that case.

Prolonged sitting causes piles
If you have to spend a lot of time sitting in a particular place and for extended hours, you are prone to developing haemorrhoids. The reason behind this is that if you sit for several hours in the same place, it creates a good amount of pressure on the buttocks which may trigger off piles in the longer run.

Prolonged standing is also not right
Same holds true when you stand for extensive hours. If you keep standing for hours, it pushes the blood down to the lower part of the body. This may cause the veins and the arteries to swell thus increasing the risk of developing piles.

Be careful if you are obese
Obesity or excessive weight is one of the reasons behind piles. When you gain a lot of weight, it creates a tremendous pressure on the muscles around the anal walls. This, in turn, causes the nerves to bulge out of the anal layering.

Sitting in the loo for long
Spending extended hours in the loo may also force the blood into the rectal veins. This will naturally cause the veins to swell ultimately forcing them to bulge out of the anal walls. So avoid sitting in the loo unnecessarily.

Excessive bowel movement is also responsible
Diarrhoea can also strain the anal muscles.

Do not ignore piles. Ensure to consult one of the nearest piles doctors Mumbai to get proper treatment and lead a tension-free life.
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