Personal coaching at a distance

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During training sessions, a coach likes to look over ‘the shoulder’ of the person he instructs. This is no longer possible with the 1.5 meter measure. During training the coaches can handle the 1.5-meter measure better thanks to the communication system. In this way, the coach and students remain understandable to each other at all times, without having to shout.

Coaching ‘in’ the moment
Through an open line, the trainer can effortlessly coach multiple students from a distance, ‘in’ the moment. In an average distribution center it is very busy and that brings noise with it. Because of the clear and understandable audio through the AXIWI coaching headsets there is more peace and quiet for the trainer and students.

Temporary workers
At some companies there are many employees on vacation during the vacation periods. This means that temporary workers are then deployed. They are instructed intensively in a short period of time for the tasks in the factory, where the noise level of the machines is such that the 1.5 meter distance cannot be maintained. In order to guarantee the distance, the AXIWI communication system is used.

In production halls or factories often enough guests come to visit for various reasons; relations, suppliers, quality officials and much more. It is important that you are able to communicate clearly with each other and that is not always possible in a noisy production environment. In order to improve the intelligibility of the mutual communication, Axitour’s communication systems can offer a solution.

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